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Our projects are aimed at achieving a form of personal and community development that not only focuses on material development, but also on improvement and growth with emphasis on personal self-esteem as well as on obtaining and using their own resources. we base on the Andean ideals of mutual support, reciprocity and being part of a whole, a holistic development that was the basis of the development of the ancient Inca empire and the Andean culture in general, values that we wish to continue and share.

project aimed at improving the education of Andean children in a situation of abandonment and risk, through a rewarding, fun and practical way, we use a ludic / practical system of teaching that takes place in the field and learning room, besides promoting the improvement of self-esteem based on ideas of respect, equity and love for their Andean roots

Many women in the Andes currently still live subject to traditional social forms that limit their personal and social development, help us to empower these women in issues of their rights, self-esteem, economic independence, organization and education, we form self-help groups as a means of overcoming, our challenge is to sow the seeds that in the future achieve an equity with respect and justice
practical projects and community development

We are groups of volunteers who intervene socially in the improvement of the living spaces of the most vulnerable populations in the Peruvian Andes using the cognitive and material resources of the communities, it is a hand-in-hand task in which all the people intervene. adults and children, a real, fun and rewarding way to help

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