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accommodation options:

You can choose any of these accommodation options according to your needs or economic capacity, accommodation with us is only one option, which is also available only upon request because we have few places available.

We note that we do not have any links with accommodations, apartments or hotels, if you choose these options, we can help you find one that suits your needs.

Accommodation in the organization's house:

To adequately accommodate volunteers and internship participants, the organization offers an option of accommodation in the organization’s house at a low cost or simply offering free accommodation for stays longer than two months with us.

In the organization’s house, you can have basic amenities such as electricity, internet, a room with a private bathroom and a living room, in addition to other basic amenities such as a kitchen equipped enough to prepare and share food among the participants.
Additionally, this place is a place of cultural exchange and socialization, where we carry out many activities and international and native cooking courses, movie or series marathons, fun recreational games or celebration parties.

You will have your own room, in addition the coordinators and other participants also stay there, we also have a small organization office there that will greatly help in the planning, preparation of work materials and organization of the projects.

This includes:

  • personal room with private bathroom
  • bed with sheets and bedspread
  • Internet WIFI
  • basically equipped kitchen
  • bath and shower with hot water
  • basic office supplies
  • living room
  • activities and cultural exchange course.
  • mutual support in united multicultural team.
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