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General contribution to the organization:

Our organization works self-financed, that is why we request a financial contribution of 140 US dollars for the first month of participation, 50% discount or no cost for the second month and subsequent months, you can request this discount by coordinating directly with our coordinator of volunteering.

This financial contribution allows us to obtain basic materials intended to support the projects we have underway, and also helps us with the basic goods and services of the organization.

This includes:

  • Accommodation in your own personal room in the organization’s house that has a private bathroom.
  • pick up at the local airport closest to the project.
  • continuous support by a specialist member of the organization in your field of action or area
  • bathrooms equipped with hot water.
  • Practical Spanish language course (theory and intensive practice)
  • exchange in: Typical Peruvian foods, desserts, cakes and cocktails, Peruvian or / and native ingredients.
  • learn or practice Latin dances such as salsa, bachata or native dances, as well as participate in celebration parties, birthdays and a varied social life and cultural exchange that we continually organize.
  • basic work materials
  • Internet WIFI
  • Group excursions Without guiding cost to interesting sites in the Mantaro valley and surrounding areas and other provinces (lagoons, mountains, artisan villages.camping, central jungle, snow-capped mountains, country walks, many pre-Inca ruins etc.)
  • Introduction to the Andean culture cradle of the Inca civilization,Quechua language, Incan cosmovision, andean reiki and yoga. (optional)
  • possibility of organizing excursions to other tourist places in Peru (optional)
  • Valid official certificate of participation made by a legally registered non-profit organization (under request)
  • advice and continuous support of people with training and extensive experience in social, cultural and economic projects of the Andean world
  • access to equipped kitchen, living room, large terrace to rest, garden and other basic amenities.

Not included in the contribution:

  • Travel Insurance
  • air or bus passages and vaccination.
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal cleaning materials
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