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Empowerment of women

Self-help groups , "The warmy Project"

The Warmy Project, whose translation from Quechua to Spanish means Woman, aims to create self-help and mutual support groups for women, in areas such as gender, domestic violence, self-esteem and group organization.

This project is located in economically depressed areas, the place of arrival of many families and internal immigrants from other Andean provinces and the central jungle, many of them arrive in search of improving the quality of life, education and health of their families and children. in towns and neighborhoods around the Andean city of Huancayo, in the Central Andes of Peru.

empowers women's groups

It is an area where there are no basic water, drainage or sanitation facilities. In addition, there is a lack of presence or support from local governments or other institutions.
The majority, especially the children, suffer from chronic malnutrition and health problems. In addition to the difficult economic situation of the parents, the small children wander around being prone to various risks, since in most cases, their parents They find themselves working in the city to be able to obtain sufficient means to survive for themselves and their families.

It is mothers and women who often take control of the survival of their respective families, they are mothers and fathers at the same time, single mothers who fight for survival and push their children to get ahead, however it is not easy. face their situation, because apart from the well-known economic, housing and health problems, the majority of these women and their families suffer social and cultural stigmatization for belonging to a culture not accepted in the cities and Creole culture, and because many of them They, especially the older ones, are speakers of native languages like Quechua.

Our objective is the formation of female self-help groups whose purpose is mutual help that will make it possible to escape or face their difficult situation and develop more effective survival strategies, in addition to supporting themselves in overcoming endemic social problems in Latin American societies, such as gender and family violence, alcoholism of their partners, depression and stress problems, among others.

Details of this project

Volunteers must participate directly in planning, organising and implementing various activities, via discussions, workshops and through the delivery of materials to participants.


  • organization of self-help groups
  • organize talks and various workshops
  • participate in female empowerment workshops
  • carry out educational and emotional support actions to overcome problems
  • preventive health and water purification workshops.
  • healthy eating and nutrition workshops
  • preparation of ecological and healthy foods
  • mindfulness and yoga classes
  • help the formation of small businesses for personal or group survival
  • participate in the making of breads, cakes and meals with native ingredients.
  • making life stories
  • Conducting socio-economic surveys to prepare case and social studies of families.
  • personalized visits to families in difficulty
  • support food and basic medicines for women, the elderly and children
  • carrying out practical work such as making organic kitchens, improving canals and living spaces, helping with farmland, animals and others.
  • preparation of multimedia content, photographs and videos to promote awareness and future support of our women’s projects


Volunteers may also contribute to the project in a similar way, by helping children that are exposed to problematical situations caused by dysfunctional families, with their mental health and self-esteem development.

Duration of volunteering
We ask that volunteers commit to a period between a minimum of 8 weeks (negotiable) to a maximum of 12 weeks.

The minimum duration is for the purposes of educational stability, in order to maintain continuity on the project and provide the children with trust and security.

Location of the project
In the marginal areas of the Andean city of Huancayo and towns around that city

Type of work:

Direct psychological and social intervention in neighbourhoods of women and children.


We need the participation of students, professionals or graduates in psychology,journalism or content creation, political sciences, pedagogy, anthropology, human resources, sociology, group therapy, social work, social education and related areas or people who empathize with gender equality and social justice

We need people with experience in assisting with and preventing problems relating to gender, women and children. We also accept volunteers without experience.

The programme also has non-paid internships or placements available.

IMPORTANT: It is not a problem if you do not have experience or specialization. By showing themselves to being responsible and willing to learn in this area, our volunteers can count on tailored advice from the project coordinators and director, in order for their work and voluntary contribution to be a great success.

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