Our location:

Mantaro valley

A strategic and magical place in the Central Andes of Peru

Where we work

SD Project- Peru has the Mantaro Valley as its center of operations, based in the city of Huancayo, it is the largest inter-Andean valley in Peru, in addition to being in a strategic area, the valley is characterized by an exceptional beauty of its multiple landscapes, rivers, crop fields and the enormous snow-capped mountains that surround it, dotted with many Andean towns that radiate the various native Andean cultural manifestations, traditions still alive in the daily lives of its friendly people.


We are 300 kilometers away from Lima.

Huancayo is a city located in the Central Andes of Peru, it is located in the Mantaro Valley at 3259 meters AMSL, it enjoys not only a privileged location that connects the Central Andes with the capital Lima and the central jungle.
It has a good climate, quite temperate and stable, it is also a city that mixes the traditional culture of the local Andean people with the modernity of large cities without losing its cultural essence.
The valley is an important cultural, economic and social center surrounded by enormous snow-capped mountains and home to many native towns around whose main dedication is commerce, agriculture and crafts with many multicolored traditional fairs.

General information:

  • Location: The central Andes of Peru.
  • Extension: 43,384 km2.
  • Altitude: 3,259 meters above sea level.
  • Population: 400,271 inhabitants according to the 2020 national census
  • Climate: It has a pleasant temperate climate, between cold and hot, depending on the season of the year, with moderate rains between October and March.
  • Temperature: Maximum of 23.6 °C (74.6 °F) and minimum of 4.3 °C (39.7 °F).

How to get there from Lima:

  • by Bus: You can take a direct bus from Lima to Huancayo, the trip takes approximately 7 hours, we recommend formal bus companies for safety and comfort, departure and arrival times are 24 hours, we can recommend some bus companies as well as wait for you at the Huancayo bus station.
  • By plane: It is the method most recommended by us, the trip only lasts about 35 minutes, it works without transfer complications because the flights leave directly from the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima to the Francisco Carle de Jauja Aerodrome, a city near Huancayo.

In both cases, we can coordinate your pick-up and transfer from the Lima or Huancayo Airports to our project here in Huancayo. We will be happy to accompany you depending on our availability or if you need it, you can request this service with the project coordinator.

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