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Practically every weekend we organize many excursions and visits of tourist, ecological or cultural interest, the same area where we work is in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains and the Andean snow-capped mountains, around you can enjoy a beautiful Andean landscape with many plants and trees dotted with peasant villages and rural life, lagoons and ancient ruins of the pre-Inca or Inca cultures that flourished in Peru, near the central jungle of Peru, with its lush vegetation, its beautiful and exotic wildlife as well as beautiful waterfalls, near us is Huancavelica a province with many attractions one of them is the Huancayo-Huancavelica Railway, one of the most fascinating and classic trans-Andean trains still valid in Peru, there you can enjoy a wonderful view of landscapes, villages and the classic life and the real Peru.

These excursions are non commercial, this means that we do not have links with travel agencies or tourist hotels, in this way we discover and visit the most interesting and wonderful places having much more time, choice and time. likewise that makes possible a greater saving of money and

We are delighted to share with you the beauty of our central zone of Peru and the surrounding areas, as well as its culture, music, folklore and the fun that a motivated and friendly group can offer, also having the possibility of visiting the most emblematic places of Peru as Machupichu, the Amazon and others by the hand of friends.

The Cost:

You do not have to pay us to go in a group of friends, each one makes his own expense, in case of going to distant distances or that lasts several days, you can “help” the companion-guide with the bus or lodging, which It will be appreciated.
we make these trips and adventures with the sole purpose of knowing and exploring together the wonders of our area, the best group knowledge and have fun in a unique adventure, with plenty of freedom and exciting at the same time.

below some destinations:

Ruins that pre-date the Incas, the Warivilca Fortified Temple (30 minutes
The snowy Huaytapallana (6 hours from the project
Costume dance in Jauja, Junín
Cochas, an artisan village
the Virgin Mary – 35 metres high, in Concepción, 45 minutes from the project – it is possible to see the view of the whole valley by climbing up to the head
Real Plaza shopping centre complex, in Huancayo – there is a large supermarket, cinemas, shops, where you can find everything
Central Forest:waterfalls: bridal veil, tirol and Bayoz, Pampa michi native communities, Pampa beauty reserve and much more.
Breathtaking stop, in Moya – 2 hours from the project
Ñawinpuquio Lake – 1 hour from the project, by bus
Beautiful view of a snowy Andean peak, Valle Mantaro
Late afternoon in the Valle del Mantaro, Junín, Peru
Visit to an artisan village, Cochas (half an hour from the project)
A beautiful Andean stop (15 minutes from the project, on foot)
Torre Torre – a cliff face made up of strange and curious shapes, carved by the wind (15 minutes from the project, on foot)
Costume dance of Huancayo, Junín
Cerrito – beautiful areas and the outlook point of the city of Huancayo
Ruins that pre-date the Incas, from the Huanca culture
Walk, enjoying the beautiful landscape of Valle del Mantaro
Paca Lake, Jauja, in Valle del Mantaro (1 hour from the project)
Torre Torre – close to the project
Nor Cochas Yauyos Landscape Reserve

waterfall located in the central jungle Perene road route

small church located in an Andean town, department of Huancavelica

Plaza Constitución, center of the city of Huancayo

Hatun Rumiyoc street, where the 12-angled stone is located, downtown Cusco

Andean landscapes, town of Moya, Huancavelica

cabins on a floating island, lake titicaca, Puno - Peru

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