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The S. D. project was created and legally registered as a non-profit organization in 2009. The primary idea of its founder was to create a non-commercial and direct social work alternative in places or areas far from the usual tourist circuits. , where the participant can live, experience and develop their human and professional skills in a real and experiential way

We are a field work organization, we do not work with intermediaries, we develop projects designed and planned by ourselves, we prefer to develop our social work directly with the Andean communities and their inhabitants, we believe that it is a more effective and real form of social work with emphasis in solidarity, conscious and alternative, non-commercial volunteering.

This is also an experience of total immersion in our various cultural manifestations, where you will be part of a very human team, for us you are not a simple “client” who obtains an experience based on what he can pay for, as is the case with voluntourism projects.

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Develop your professional and personal skills in an internship in a direct social work project

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